Sudoma Sawmill has started production of brushed timber

Sudoma Sawmill (Dedovichi, Pskov Region, Russian Federation) has launched a brushed timber facility. It can produce more than 300 m3 of finished goods per month intended for export and domestic use.

Brushed (artificially aged) wood is a decorative material used for fitting out interiors, stairs, furniture, decoration, small garden items, etc. During the brushing process, soft fibres are removed from the top layer of the wood with a machine, which gives the surface a clearly expressed texture without reducing the material’s strength and durability.

The Italian equipment, installed in the Sudoma sawmill brushing facility, makes it possible to treat wood using deep and light brushing. 2.3 million Roubles have been invested in the new production site, excluding capital investment in auxiliary process operations.

During the first phase, the plant will produce brushed timber using regular and heat-treated timber from softwood and hardwood (spruce, pine, larch, birch). The range of raw materials may be expanded in the future.

«For several years, Sudoma Sawmill has been systematically developing leading-edge products from present-day natural, environmentally-friendly wood materials. We can see that there is a significant demand for these products abroad and in Russia. Our products can compete with those from leading international producers», noted Dmitry Zverkov, General Director of the Sudoma sawmill.

According to data from GS Group’s analytical centre, the production-volume of thermally-treated wood in European countries has increased every year since 2013 by at least 10% and will exceed 500 thousand m3 by 2020.

Also according GS Group’s analytical centre, the export volume of treated wood from Pskov Region has increased 5.8-fold within the last 3 years (compared to 2015). This figure decreased in all neighbouring regions, except in Leningrad Region. The volume of exported timber fell 7% in Novgorod Region and 34% in Tver Region. While the volume of treated timber exported from Tver Region in 2015 was 5.8 times higher than in Pskov Region, in 2018 exports from Pskov Region are 1.79 times higher than in Tver Region.

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