Timber supplier

Raw timber is supplied by own timber cutting and regeneration division Dedovichi

Dedovichi timber cutting and regeneration division ensures the use of designated raw wood resources and putting the enclosed root network tree nursery into operation.
The project core is the environment-friendly zero-waste disposal of wood resources and rapid regeneration thanks to own reproduction resources.
70 000hectares
timber fund area
291 000m3/year
annual production volume
500 000 000rubles
investment volume

The complex is a closed-cycle integrated production enterprise using the in-house resource base. The complex includes the following:

  • Dedovichi's timber cutting division;
  • Dedovichi's timber regeneration division: a tree nursery growing 2 million young fir-trees with enclosed root network every year;
  • Sudoma Sawmill – production of environment-friendly wood materials.

Compared to many other companies, Dedovichi complex ensures environment-friendly zero-waste use of the timber fund and its rapid regeneration thanks to own in-house resources. The project features the intense wood material use model suggesting replacement of broad-leaved trees with more valuable coniferous trees in order to improve the species and qualitative composition of the timber fund of Pskov Oblast.